Who was it that said: “Be happy in the moment, that’s enough; each moment is what we need, not more”? You see, when it came to Amanda and Alex’s destination wedding in Corfu these words resonated so well. And their Corfu wedding at a movie-set village, followed by an alfresco vineyard reception proves our point.

What does a super-in-love couple need in life more than cherished family and friends, a special occasion to celebrate Love and the gorgeous Corfu scenery of a film set village to make a perfect canvas for a day that feels eternal!

Wedding preparations began early in the day over the villa Claire. Fathers give us the greatest gift anyone can give, they believe in us! This proud dad waited patiently for his daughter to get ready so he can join Amanda and her squad. When Amanda slipped into her wedding gown she and her bridesmaids headed outside on the portico to toast to happiness and snap some beautiful portraits. We loved the punchy wedding bouquet Leonidas Rammos created for Amanda topped with larger than life peonies that matched the couple’s wedding floral design. And how about adding a colorful accent to the groom’s details too? Alex got prepped in a jiffy and took some extra time to review his vows.

In the meantime, at the stunning movie-set village of Danilia, our Belli Momenti weddings team was already making certain every fold and seam came perfectly together for the ceremony. We set a beautiful outdoor vow exchange in front of the square’s chapel, all soaked in marvelous peonies, garden roses, romantic ranunculus buds and eucalyptus, our bride’s favorites. Danilia is hands-down magical but the entire floral design made the scene even more romantic. We got inspired from the stuccoed walls of Danilia’s quaint beauty for the hues we used, and yes, there was a little spy in the setting too…

And here’s some trivia about this private Corfu wedding venue: During the earthquake of 1953, the picturesque mountain village of Danilia in central Corfu was almost completely destroyed. In the 70ies a Corfiot businessman decided to rebuild it from scratch. The result was this open air museum reminiscent of Corfu’s old town, with an idyllic chapel, a traditional cafe, a large open-air taverna, a bakery, a smithy workshop, antique looms, a horse-powered mill and many more details that will instantly take you back in time. If you’re a James Bond film lover, you’ve probably caught some scenes filmed here on the most famed 007 flicks “For Your Eyes Only”, while the awarded British TV hit series “The Durrells” was also filmed here. Now, back at the wedding….

Can you hear the music? Amanda and Alex chose a traditional Corfu band to serenade the bride’s arrival and the wedding processional. There were so many moments we had to hold back our tears, and some we didn’t. After Alex and Amanda read their vows and while they and their merry bunch were shooting group photos and wedding portraits, we set off for the reception οver this marvelous place.

A lush vineyard where feeling blissful is the norm 365 days a year, Ambellonas is just the right place for a Corfu vineyard destination wedding reception. An arched pergola soaked in climbing vines, jasmin and luscious foliage was where the dinner was set. And there is nothing more refreshing than seeing a long Italian-style alfresco table scene laced with rustic cottage antique dinnerware (different for each guest), large porcelain vases overflowing with colorful blooms and small guest favors of local liquor! We set a two stations nearby, one for the couple’s wedding cake, a tiered naked confection adorned with blooms, as well as a wishbook table topped with desserts. During cocktail hour the guests enjoyed Aperols and locavore amuse bouche and when the couple returned they all indulged in a few beautiful mingling moments before dinner.

A candlelit dinner under the pergola is oh so romantic! We toasted, we partied, we danced and luxuriated tasting traditional Corfiot cuisine, getting a treat of artisanal wines and wished Amanda and Alex a graceful future filled with wonders and Love! If you’re a bit like us and the “life so sweet” makes your heart skip a beat you already know you want a destination wedding in Corfu, so book those tickets! Cheers! Or, as we say over here: “Ya mas!”