Aimee & Stuart are two absolutely loving souls, whose all-romantic wedding in Corfu at the iconic Kaizer’s Throne, we’ve had the pleasure to plan and design. As destination wedding planners there’s nothing we love more than crafting spectacular ambiance, beautiful imagery, and evoking intrepid feelings on a special day. Every couple is different, every wedding something completely diverse, the events and moments we experience during each are as unique as the couple themselves.

Aimee and Stuart’s wedding will never fade from my thoughts. I too happen to come from a family where health has always been an issue and becoming a witness to how powerful this couple’s love is, how deeply connected they are, and to what lengths they’d go to be together, I couldn’t help but get emotional during their vows. Memories were kindled, and happy tears were shed until we all watched our beloved Aimee after significant effort walking down the aisle. Teams, vendors, our couple, and their guests were all literally bawling, and I confess I needed quite a few moments to pull myself together and go on performing their ceremony. I was out of words, utterly awed, and sincerely touched.

Needless to say, after this bride and groom vowed their love, following their confetti toss, their toasts and embraces, one of the loveliest parties ensued; there, upon the sylvan perch where Emperor Wilhelm the Second used to collect his thoughts and decide upon fates, under the twinkling stars and with the cricket song going mad at the serenade of music, Stuart and Aimee enjoyed their first dance as husband and wife.

My dear friends, I couldn’t be more grateful for this lesson in life, you showed us all what it means to be strong, fearless, and pursuing your dreams. From the bottom of my heart, I wish you an enchanted life together.