Can you describe Corfu as a destination?

Among the Ionian Sea islands, Corfu stands out as one of the most diverse and rich in history. It might give you strong Italian vibes. Our architectural styles are greatly influenced by our neighboring country, which is particularly evident in the charm of the old town.

Corfu boasts lush greenery and meticulously maintained landscapes (our passion for gardens and trees is evident in our seasonal trimming routine). Moreover, it is a haven for food enthusiasts and those who appreciate the good life, as its atmosphere is both relaxed and cosmopolitan.

Northern Corfu, in particular, appeals to luxury and privacy enthusiasts with its private villas overlooking stunning emerald-water coves. Celebrities like Bruce Willis, James Blunt, and The Rothschild Family own properties here, with numerous royals and sports stars visiting every summer to bask in the island’s beauty.

Various locations such as Villa Sylva, The White House, Danillia Village, and Paxoi have been featured in popular productions like James Bond – For Your Eyes Only, The Durrells, My Big Fat Greek Wedding 3, and Maestro.

Corfu Riviera is a boat ride into pure magic! Picture endless rosy sunsets, beaches with their own unique flair, and friendly locals always ready for a good chat. Living here? Yes, we’re the luckiest folks on the planet!

How did the journey of Belli Momenti start?

Belli Momenti’s journey began like many success stories, by identifying a need for something unique. Despite the long tradition of weddings in Corfu, a fresh perspective was sought, offering affordable yet distinctive elements for couples.

Our first wedding took place on Kaizer’s throne, featuring bespoke furnishings and tableware. It was a rock-and-roll affair for an unconventional U.K. couple with a lilac gown, agate cake, black furniture, and art de la table.

This memorable event remains one of our favorites and is frequently featured on our Instagram feed. Surprisingly, it still resonates with current trends!

What’s the meaning of Belli Momenti ?

“Belli Momenti” translates to “Beautiful Moments” in Italian. The name perfectly resonated with our vision for couples. Our aim was to offer more than just a beautiful ceremony; we wanted to create a complete and enriching, soulful experience.

Emphasizing connection and empathy over promoting unrealistic ideals. Our approach was built on humanity and genuine enthusiasm.

How do you view each wedding? What is your philosophy?

My first goal is to listen and be present for the people who reach out and for their families. Acknowledging that their special day may involve a blend of cultures, faiths, traditions, dreams, and enthusiasm, as well as preferences and aversions that are distinct and individual, I aim for them to perceive me as a supportive partner in achieving their goals.

Whether that is to have pure fun with their loved ones, or events even more tailored to the experience in Greece and our land, I wish for them to feel valued, nurtured, and backed. All these principles push me to grind harder daily, not counting miles, calls, or request sizes, because nothing beats getting precisely what you desire plus a fun little bonus thrown in!

What’s the main characteristic couples appreciate in you as a person?

The fact that when I officiate a ceremony my hairdo stays drama-free! (laughing)

Seriously, couples and I feel each other. There is no agenda, just pure open-book assistance. I love having fun (I’m a Leo), and I love spoiling my people (Leo again), and consider every couples’ trust a sign that I must always perform bigger and better.

Nobody’s perfect but for these amazing people’s sake, one must try to get as close to perfection as possible. Getting licensed to officiate was just one step in this grand plan. And oh, I do love a good ring exchange! Curious about who’s got the flowers and cake duty? Peek at my IG for all the happiest camper!

Do you discuss with the couple about the plan?

Every planner wants a creative dialogue, right? However, it’s not just about me speaking. Initially, my role is to listen, comprehend, and execute. Then, I can propose ideas to ensure that every part runs smoothly and stress-free.

My one request is that everyone finds joy in what both ends are doing. Even during the challenging times of C-19, Belli Momenti teams managed to host epic weddings through open communication.

How is the whole process until the final plan?

Typically, initial discussions revolve around the fundamental goals of the couple. I aim to provide essential information without overwhelming potential clients, as they may contact other professionals before finalizing their decision.

Once the couple confirms their interest in moving forward, we arrange all the details, emphasizing a flexible timeline that suits their preferences rather than a rigid schedule.

We make sure to address all their personal and family requests thoroughly. For instance, this year, we are organizing a Hindu wedding with multiple rituals that need to be executed. While we have a list of reliable vendors to recommend, we prioritize clear communication and accommodation if the couple prefers to involve someone new.

You’ll probably find me and the team on the phone, or on intercom all the time. Double-checking for deliveries, making sure the MUA is ready to go, picking up the last guests from the villa, giving the speedboat driver the heads-up, and letting the cake-smith know we’ve arrived. I could give you a list for days of little things that matter big, and it all boils down to staying in sync with the couple and the teams.

How do you work with florists and graphic designers?

Half of what makes a wedding production magical is sprinkles of creativity and artistry. Just like a fine wine, good art needs time to breathe. That’s why we give our flower wizards and design maestros the space and time they need to work their magic!

We’ll either play Cupid and connect them with the couple, or we can be the messenger of love and pass on the couple’s desires. That is completely up to what each client wants. Most of our clients trust us to do the second because of that nurturing dialogue and communication I told you about earlier.

I was present during a video call you did with a couple to set up the stage and the lighting. How do you organize this procedure?

There is a golden rule of the three-point lighting technique when it comes to lighting up a stage. You’ve got your star player, the key light, stealing the show, the fill light playing referee to shadows, and the backlight, the unsung hero, making sure the subject pops against the background!

If this sounds all Greek to you, then let me tell you that couples never wants their planner to start talking technicalities. What most couples wish for is an easy-to-access, open place to set the stage, gorgeous soft lighting for their first dance, uplighting to draw attention to architectural details, illumination for the tables and the speeches appropriate so that they can clearly see and dine, smashing party lighting, and the occassional chandeliers or Edisons for the retro feel.

Photographers and videographers have also taught us that wonderful lighting is important to people’s memories on cam as well, because it can make or break a moment. To organize all that we consult with our lighting smiths, pay venue inspections if the venue has not been charted before, and give our clients the overall and particular feel with videos and images, facetime, and blueprints so that they can get the closest feel possible.

What other services do you offer as a company?

We not only organize weddings but also design and coordinate baptisms, which are just as elaborate but even more vibrant and carefully curated. Last year’s standout theme was the Mediterranean, featuring terracotta and colorful azulejos (Aζουλέζου) tiles. These events took place at Danilia Village and Ekaterini Estate, creating pure magic!

Additionally, we cater to exclusive gatherings like private dinners for high-end companies. We have, for instance, assisted with the aesthetics for a Missoni family event. We also handle incentives, networking events, and retreats, such as the super-successful MedCruise General Assembly last year. Moreover, we participate Wedding Photography and Wedding Planning Workshops.

In other words we are very. busy. bees!

Tell us 5 words that a couple should keep in mind about the planning of the wedding.