Kosta Aggeliki

Kostas & Aggeliki

Athens, Greece |

So, we’ve only had a two weekends notice until we reach Corfu from Athens and arrange every little thing for our wedding! The church, the party, the music, the wedding cake… everything! We were completely panicked that we were never going to make it by ourselves. And this is, more or less, how we met Aris. Aris was finally the person we trusted and he guaranteed the success of our very special event. Not only us but also our guests enjoyed themselves. Although, Aris barely knew us, he managed to listen to us, understand our worries and respect our wishes until the last detail. He organized the perfect wedding so we were feeling just ourselves. He had a great spirit and mood, offered the greatest quality in all the services, without exception. So stress was something we didn’t feel at any moment. Thank you very much Belli Momenti and especially Aris, since, from now on we’ve not only obtained the lovely experience of our wedding but also we’ve made a great friend in Corfu.

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