Kelly & Rob

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I always thought it was quite cliché that every couple described their wedding day as ‘the best day of their life’… ours undoubtably exceeded all expectations, and my expectation were high to begin.

I had previously spoken to 2 other wedding planners and was left somewhat disheartened by how restrictive they were and keen to replicate exactly what they had done before. I had a clear vision and needed someone to bring that alive. From the moment of meeting Aris, you quickly realise that there is very little this man can’t do. Unlike other wedding planners he doesn’t want to fit you in a box (despite how much easier I’m sure that would be). He’s passionate about making every wedding individual and unique to you. He’s constantly bringing new ideas to the table to be at the forefront of his profession.

I often thought about requesting something ridiculous (for fun), just to see what he would come up with; He thrives off every challenge. He made things possible that other planners had literally told me I wasn’t able to do. I believe his success partly lies part in his ability and character and part in the confidence of his extensive portfolio of tried and tested suppliers. He only works with the best because these suppliers are also a representation of him; a reputation that he’s keen to uphold.

Our Florist Leonadis produced some of the most breath-taking flowers I have ever seen. Valentiny (our photographer) captured the atmosphere perfectly and my MUA Natasha was an absolute perfectionist.

Aside from being the best in his profession, Aris is also a lot of fun! When I initially told my partner we had a meeting with a wedding planner, I wasn’t greeted with the enthusiasm that every bride hopes for, but within minutes they were sharing stories and drinks and it made the whole experience for the both of us. By the end of the wedding Aris was minor celebrity, loved by every single one of our guests. He gets involved in the party; but be warned, this man will eat all the canapes without a hesitation…. he quickly becomes part of the bridal party and this is what we loved the most. Your wedding isn’t just one day, its months/years of planning, late night skypes after work when you don’t look your best, it’s waiting outside government buildings hungover, signing paper work you can’t read, crashing your hire car, global pandemic tears and travelling in 30 degree heat from venue to venue; but I can honestly say that we loved every single part of it because of Belli Momenti. We trusted Aris & Nikki whole-heartly. They’re both very passionate about their job and love LOVE.

It’s also worth mentioning that when people think of wedding planner they initially think of the expense. Simply due to Aris contacts and relationships we saved money in so many areas and were able to put those cost savings into making other areas more special. Don’t tell him but he’s worth at least double if not more. I can’t image he will have much availability over the next couple of years but we can not recommend him enough.
You should not contact Belli Momenti if you are a control freak. Aris is a master in his profession, so you need to be able to trust in his experience that he will make your dreams come true.
You should contact Belli Momenti if you can get into the Greek Mindset. This includes being relaxed, fully embracing being on holiday and appreciating that the Greeks can often operate on their own time schedule (generally within half of hour of either side) which allows you just enough time for another drink.

Aris, a few words can’t even begin to tell you how grateful we are. We can’t wait to see you again soon.

All our Love, Rob & Kelly x

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