Before embarking on your Corfu destination wedding you need a trusted devotee on your side. Team Belli Momenti Weddings works alongside destination wedding clients offering uncondensed wedding design and wedding planning guidance, consultation and production services. 


A premier destination wedding organizer and designer Belli Momenti weddings will curate, plan, fashion, and orchestrate your wedding in Corfu dreaming up all the sublime details, inventing ways to make your nuptials unique, and contriving the most solid, meticulous, and rigorous agendum for your events. Whether it is your pre-wedding and post-wedding festivities, the design and send-out of your invitations, your floral and decorative concept, the catering and furnishings of your reception, your cocktail hour, the experiences you and your guests are to enjoy, your transportation or managing every aspect of your logistics, from teams and vendors, to the break-down of costs and mediating with venues, and appointees, our all encompassing services will ensure a seamless destination wedding organized from A to Z. 


Every destination wedding is as exceptional as the couple getting wed. Belli Momenti Weddings are not only about grand affairs but offer everything a traditional wedding requires for intimate vows and microweddings in Corfu and beyond. Depend on us to curate all aspects of your intimate wedding, elopement or smaller guest count wedding as we delight in creating the pretty for private and closed circle weddings as much as we cherish our clients’ grandiose I do’s. Allow us to soak your inner-circle vows in personality, design intelligence, and dash, from pairing you with the best photographers and videographers, to enveloping your marriage ceremony and dinner with noteworthy attention and affection. 


Belli Momenti Weddings are honored to offer our clients with a qualified, wedding officiant service. Aris Papachristou is beyond your wedding planner and designer, your celebrant. You want someone you and your partner can feel comfortable around and close to, someone who has completely perceived who you are, is deeply conscious of your exemplary union, and keeps your wedding guests engaged. With our Belli Momenti Weddings celebrant services you can trust your symbolic ceremony to carry your very essence. 


We live for the spectacle of a rapturous wedding celebration especially when you and your loved ones are to share a collectively artful experience. With utmost care and outstanding organization we make certain our clients enjoy the most streamlined destination wedding planning process.  Whether your focus means welcoming the warmth of sitting around the table with your oldest friends and closest family, designing a less-expected but oh-so indulgent fete, crafting a luxurious formal setting for your ceremony and reception, or gilding your intimate moments with something old, something new, something outstanding or decadently blue, ours is a wish to tailor each fold and seam, from the very first prelude to the smashing grand finale. 


Your personal style, your overall vision, your dreams and aspirations are the foundation of our first lengthy get-together. Right from our first consultation with you we will be keen on listening and help you make the most impactful choices for your wedding, including your budget, your customized planning checklists, and blueprints for the journey you’re embarking on. 

We’re pretty certain design has a magical ring to it, and you are very right to expect the best. Soon after our first collaborative consultation our team will create your design brief and develop a gratifying plan, chock-full of overall design details and styling elements of your wedding. Every stage of your nuptials will come complete with a comprehensive timeline, inspiration board, recommendations, settings and color palettes. 

To make certain you have the best and most fitted team of vendors and contractors working on your wedding we will connect you and frequently communicate with you and your suppliers,(cake and floral designers, lighting engineers, stage managers, stationery creators, bridal vendors, porters, security agents, entertainers, caterers and furnishings agents) ensuring creative consistency is fully monitored. Be it your task lists and contracts, or resource gathering and distribution, the design and production of your ceremony, floor plans and management of your logistics, you can feel confident the only element to pass through is absolute joy. 

When all components join and your overall vision turns into something palpable and beautiful this means your wedding production is ready. We’ll rigorously manage every little seam and fold, from installations to traffic, to the overall flow of your events, your wedding ceremony and reception turning points, ushering you and your guests into a wedding celebration that will be as enjoyable as it will be astounding. 

We understand a destination wedding may feel far more complicated than a wedding at home. Be it inside Corfu, or any other wedding destination you choose us to plan, design and coordinate your wedding, our expertise to coordinate and tend to destination needs means a sharp, on point event production. 


Epicurean Experiences

It’s not a destination wedding in Greece let alone a destination wedding in Corfu unless you and your guests get a taste of the island’s epicurean delights. Much like the rest of the Ionian Island’s Corfu’s cuisine carries deep influences from its 400 year old Venetian occupation, as well as British, French, Ottoman, and Grecian imprints. We love to spoil our clients with gastronomic suggestions and connoisseur culinary threads, imbuing their wedding menu with artisan desserts, charcuterie and cheese boards, seated menus, and thoughtfully created meals from kosher to traditional and from locally produced to artisanally cured and bottled.

Location & Venue Scouting

We have a serious crush on gorgeous venues, whether this means a rustic Corfu filmsetting village, a heritage site, a palace, luxurious villas, traditional taverns, sparkling shores, or sylvan clearings.. No wedding is alike and we love to cherry-pick the Corfu venues and locations for our clients so as to match their personality, style and type of celebration.

Entertainment & Traditions

Your loved ones make the world a better place, their smiles give you every reason to go on, to make it on a rainy day, their endearing words and their moments shared with you are the falling stars you save in our pockets. When you get them all to join under the same roof for your wedding day entertainment is a major part of your festivities. Belli Momenti Weddings will merge all the entertainment elements essential to make your big day the party of a lifetime. From string quartets, to celebrity singers, DJs, and traditional musicians that will add that Corfu personality on your aisle walk and your cocktail hour, traditional dancing crews and tutors to show your guests what it really means to party in Greece your wedding entertainment style will be ripe with show and sway.

Wedding Experiences

Perhaps it’s fireworks, a sailing cruise, a pick-nick brunch, a touring excursion, a play, a private concert, a unique wine or food tasting, a pool party, a ritual, a beach party, a special spa treatment, an open-cookout, a fun alternative to your wedding exit, bubbly on wheels, gelato stations, an onsite calligraphy artist, VIP-worthy welcome gifting, our list of wedding experiences you and your guests can enjoy can go on forever. Belli Momenti Weddings is always apt to personalize your marriage and elevate your events, always keeping your budget and style in mind.

Travel Management

Your Belli Momenti Weddings travel management specialist will help you manage the itineraries, schedules, flights, accommodation, transportation, and details for your entire guestlist, and stay involved as much as you wish us to be in making certain they enjoy what you have in store, no matter how far or close they are to arrive from.

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