Michela & Benjamin’s Love Story

It may have taken a Netflix series to inspire Michela & Benjamin to wish to travel to Corfu for their nuptials, but their Durrell’s House Corfu Wedding has been one big, epic, success! The two sweethearts arrived from across the pond to Greece last August to exchange their vows of forever love with a Greece destination wedding which took place at the exact filming location of the show for the first time ever on the island’s history.

Their ceremony began at The Durrell’s Estate ensconced in a lush forest among pines, firs, and birches, right above the rock formations where the show’s family is seen spending their summers. Perfect views of sparkling turquoise waters and thick shade welcomed the guests who enjoyed a few refreshments while Michela was getting prepped at the little gardener’s cottage within the estate. Soon as Ben and his gents of honor arrived we whisked them away till they had their portraits, and soon the groom arrived at the picture-perfect aisle and arch adorned with wine red and magenta carnations. As Michela’s bridesmaids began to arrive dressed in blue to match the Ionian teal, anticipation grew and all eyes were set to see her slowly pace towards Ben.

The ceremony included a unity ritual where the couple’s officiant asked everyone to breath deep and take in the beauty of the moment, providing positive energy to the couple, while right after a cinematic kiss sealed the deal and a prairie dance began with everyone forming a large circle and showing this Italian bride that Aussies are tireless as they’re fun! Then we all allowed Mr. & Mrs to spend some alone time together with their photographer and climbed the hillocks through the perfectly preserved age-old forest only to find ourselves right on the set of The Durrells.

Cocktail hour took place in the back garden with everyone enjoying bespoke Corfiot cocktails, Aperol, and amuse-bouche with the majestic views of the crepuscular hues spreading across the horizon over the calm waters. When the couple entered the scene guests lit sparklers to escort their first dance and romance soared. In the meantime, the reception dinner scene was already set on the front facade of the Durrell’s House creating an utterly charming scene festooned with bulbs and the couple’s chosen florals. Now we could talk about this uber-romantic celebration for hours, about the touching speeches, the endless dancing till the wee hours (these people knew how to party!) and the magical ambiance the entire celebration had about its every part, but we will only let the rest of the images carry you away.

Photo credits: Serafin Castillo