Michiel & Debby

My first contact with Deddy and Michiel was through Skype 1 month previous their Wedding. They had a specific plan for the style of their Wedding so, in no time, I could imagine the places where the ceremony as well as the party will take place! It was a classy wedding which combined 2 of the most significant characteristics of Corfu: Sea and olive trees.

Our first, in person, contact was at Corfu 2 weeks later and within only a few hours we had seen all the spots that I had in mind for their Wedding and their party. A coffee, some chit chat and a lot of laughs were the conclusion of the day! It looked like we knew each other for many years.

There is not much to say about their Wedding day! It was magnificent! Debby was shining in her white wedding gown and Michiel was filled with so many feelings, for the woman of his dreams, that he could not help but crying.

It is a real bless to meet people like Deddy and Michiel!

Photo credits: Stamatis G Photography