Sara & Andrew

” Put your trust in Aris. He’ll ensure your wedding experience is special for the two of you, a memorable trip to Corfu, and exceed your expectations at every opportunity.

Our decision to host a destination wedding was deliberate. Traveling has been a foundation of our relationship where we both allow ourselves to grow and challenge one another. We had attended a small number of destination weddings before planning our wedding and after experiencing the closeness, intimacy, and beauty of destination weddings we knew we wanted something similar.

For a destination wedding, your wedding planner (aside from one another) is the most important person. The success, schedule, decorations, food, dancing, mood, and everything else flows through your wedding planner. Recommendation #1, hire a wedding planner that you connect and enjoy spending time with. For us, that was Aris.
Many, many weeks were spent researching the perfect destination. We spent many nights and weekends scrolling through social media to narrow down our options. Surprisingly, we found our wedding planner before we found our destination! Aris Papachristou, of Belli Momenti Weddings caught our eye and we immediately began researching an island we had previously not considered: Corfu, Greece! And after our initial Skype interview he was able to ease many of our concerns while building excitement around a wedding on Corfu; we knew we found our planner.

Over the course of eighteen months leading up to our wedding, we got to know Aris. He is now a family member we will love for the rest of our lives. Aris worked tirelessly to organize our wedding across time zones, during a period of travel uncertainty, and busy schedules.
He is so amazingly skilled at what he does. We were never able to visit Corfu in-person which required an interesting approach to tasting, venue tours, and vendor meet and greets. Aris virtually toured many sites and met with many vendors on our behalf. He provided his own recommendation while listing other thoughtful items to consider such as price points, overall quality, past experiences, etc.

We weren’t entirely sure what our wedding ‘style’ would be when we first met with Aris. He helped us develop mood boards and formulate ideas that would fit us as a couple, but also brought up some items that we wouldn’t have ever dreamed of. A floral circle instead of an altar? Fantastic. Strings of lights and roses in a side of the venue for guests to take pictures? Amazing. Chandelier with flowers over the top table? Breathtaking.

Trust Aris wholeheartedly. He genuinely wants the most beautiful wedding for you and your guests. He will elevate your style while ensuring it still represents the both of you. He will listen to you and your concerns. He will tell you when he believes you are making a mistake (style, vendor, or otherwise). He is flexible if you want to change details or elements. And what we came to appreciate most, on your wedding day, he will remind you that this day is all for you. He’ll make sure you don’t feel rushed, that you’ve had a moment to be with one another, that you understand a schedule is a guide and if you need additional time, he’ll make sure you get it.”

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