Mederic & Deborah

It is not anything to organize a wedding and especially if it’s abroad. My future husband and I decided that we needeed help to realize the bohemian wedding we were (I was) dreaming of.

On a friend’s advice we decided to contact a good wedding planner she knew, in October 2015, and that’s how we met Aris!
He answered in maybe less than 1hour, very positively and anthusiastic… the wedding was for August 2016.

Aris is a very kind man, who knows very well his island, all the restaurants, venues, professionals that will work for your wedding and how to get things done. He listens very carefully to what you have to say, in order to get to the smallest details… He told us when something was not possible, but always came up with a solution… usually even better than the first idea.

Thanks to him, the 25th of August 2016 will be a day that we will remember all our life… Everything was very well organized and he was there all day long… The only stress I felt was when i had to walk down th aisle!!

All our friends and family were also amazed and had a great time. One of my uncle told me it was the most beautiful wedding he ever went to(!). Just to say how Aris can put magic on a simple idea and organize all of it so beautiffuly….

Aris, we’ll never find the words to express fully what we’re feeling, so simply thank you a thousand times, you’re the best! 😉

This day was just a perfect day…

more love