She smiled and said with an ecstatic air: “It shines like a little diamond”,”What does?” “This moment.

 It is round, it hangs in empty space like a little diamond. It is eternal.

The moments eternal, the moments timeless, the moments that shape our fondest memories, and those that kindle the warmth for our journeys ahead. Belli Momenti is exactly that! More than a brand, more than a wedding planner, an ambassador for the elegant style, the voice, the resonance, and the raison d’ etre of celebrating a wedding: LOVE! 

It was almost 15 years ago when we decided to create something more than simply a wedding design company, we rather realized that our wish was to offer our clients a great time and another way of celebrating their new lives altogether. Belli Momenti was born out of momentous joy and sheer belief in savoring the goodness in life. More than simply a wedding design company Belli Momenti has been working beside the top creatives and artists of the industry bringing statement wedding style forward and changing the game on destination weddings for international and celebrity clientele. 

Headquartered on the island of Corfu, we’ve head the immense pleasure of crafting curated weddings and events for adventurers and globetrotters, lovers and doers, dreamers and believers, just like us! Spectacular destination weddings, masterful design, purposeful soirees and get-togethers are our ode to romance and our ever-so-universal conviction that nothing is permanently perfect, but our proudest moments can be so!  Ultimately…BELLI! 


It took this native Corfiot, years of traversing the globe, from the U.S. to the Arab Emirates and from the dazzling European capitals to the Greek islands seeking out inspiration, right after completing his two degrees, one in Health Services, and one in Communication & P.R. studies, before returning to his homeland with a full understanding and purpose on his next big project. 

Having established one of the most successful event companies Wedding in Corfu, Aris never ceased his search for the exquisite, his inspiration turning into specialization and then to an unequivocal, signature style. Adding more strings on his bow, with catering services and coordination expertise, he established Belli Momenti, a perfectly-versed expert in destination weddings and microweddings, offering bespoke couples with precious insights, imbuing their locale-centric affairs with superb style, and eventually becoming one of the most in-demand wedding planners and event producers in Greece. 

In fine-tune with his cosmopolite guests, he’s the absolute go-to creative director and wedding designer to plan and coordinate cultivated events and weddings with a unique pulse, that of his clients! His talent to orchestrate seamless productions goes beyond intimate vows and spruce elopements in Corfu, to experience-laden pre-wedding and post-wedding events to lavish nuptials across Corfu’s most elite venues. Together with his team of connoisseurs, he’s the intuitive logistical and design lead behind works of substance, always with a smile, passion, and dedication to the expectations and needs of his clientele. 

Leave it to Aris to recognize each venue’s potential. Whether it’s a traditional Corfu villa or a wide-open field, Aris can identify creative use of space to make your events flow flawlessly. His ability to approach each aspect of planning with a thoughtful strategy, from menu planning to infrastructure needs and production plans for your entire wedding weekend. He will always go the extra mile to have our Belli Momenti wedding clients feel safe, knowing that Aris has their best interests at heart.


Weddings are often one of the biggest milestones in people’s lives. It is an honor to conjure up the magic for them. Having worked with couples from all over the globe and getting to know what makes their hearts sing is an awe-inspiring experience. After 16 years of planning destination weddings in Corfu, Paxoi, Preveza, Parga and many other Ionian locations, I’m perfectly certain that it all comes down to connection and character. To craft a wedding that is tailored to someone’s wishes is to understand their soul, and be passionate to make it soar is one of the best parts.To see the sparkle in their eyes, to know they are exactly where they’ve wanted to be and to officiate their vows as their celebrant is another. I can’t really chose only one. 

I owe everything I am in this life to my family and friends. Their presence has shaped and helped me along my every journey. My daughters and my wife, my parents, my supporters, my loves, are who I ache to be around when I’m not working, I’m quite the homebody who loves the good life, a glass of Corfiot vino, and finds solace in the sea. I’ve taken up winter swimming (summer’s always too busy), and often put my cooking skills to the test. Lately, we’ve got a new adorable addition to the family, a cute little hedgehog who decided to crash our garden party and stay for the lotus treats.

Planning a destination wedding in Greece especially when a couple is visiting our country for the very first time is both super-exciting and overwhelming, at least at first the overwhelming part wins. There are so many new things to exlore and Greece is so multifaceted, almost a different country in every region. My best advice is to find someone who can advocate their personalities and interests best. A wedding planner that is the best versed in their chosen location will always offer them solutions no other can, both industry, network, and aesthetically wise. They can have any scheme they choose, but they should also have an unbeatable experiece.

Corfu is not just a Greek island, It’s a Unesco Heritage Site in its entirety. That means, Corfu weddings are laden with beauty, history, tradition, charm and allure that is both contemporary and time-honored. A couple can choose to say I do at one of the most graceful villas, sites where royalty have set foot and got born, an actual palatial residence, gardens, stunning beaches, vintage sailboats, megayachts, small gardens and forests, Hollywood filming grounds, perfectly preserved time capsules of hamlets, or completely out in nature, where the entire setting is created and tailored to their wishes. I have no preferences, as each wedding Belli Momenti weddings creates is completely diverse from the rest. The punch and personality set the tone and the venues follow.


A successful wedding's worth is the substance of the people who worked to create it.

A wedding can be grand, intimate, a celebration for two, a closed circle event, or a sizable affair, but no matter what the number of guests, the people who work to create it are the ones to make it successful. Their kindness and demeanor, their will to provide, to be at beck and call, to anticipate and foresee, to design and produce as one are elements we consider pivotal. From the flow of events to the seamless organization and curation of each project Belli Momenti Weddings leave a lasting impression because our teams are both design-savvy and people-oriented. 

Ingenuity & Vision, Composition & Oversight

It takes so many elements to comb and multiply to make a wedding celebration outstanding. Vision and ingenuity are hardly enough. At Belli Momenti Weddings we believe intendance and balancing create an exciting and brilliant thread for our clients. Process-driven and ready to tackle any necessary departmental duties and logistics, our wish is to keep the brides and grooms who trust us as well as their families content, cared for, and contented, certain no detail will go missing from their special moments. 

To be a first-rate version of our clients' vision

You want a wedding that reflects who you are, and we want our wedding planning services to be a first-rate version of what our clients envisage. As wedding planning experts we do carry a signature style but when it comes to our clients’ wishes nothing is a stretch too far. We focus on asking the right questions, tailoring each service to the requirements our clients have, and translating their wishes into a prolific and fecund ground when both ideas and operations can flourish on your behalf. 


Known as the island of the peaks, Corfu is a relic wedding destination with hundreds of historical monuments, a Unesco World Heritage Old Town, romantic estuaries, idiosyncratic beauty, and stunning architecture. The intellectual and artistic roots of the Corfiot people, the notion that idyll is a way of life, and that life is worth only when all pleasures combine, have turned Corfu into an incomparable destination. Corfu’s gilded charm, cosmopolitan aesthetics, but at the same time the ease and peace of slower living, had royalty, international A-listers, arbiters of style, as well as Old and New Hollywood cherry-pick Corfu as their perfect cheronese to vacay, escape, host, build and even film. 

From the 007-For-Your-Eyes-Only – film worthy Villa Sylva, and Corfu’s Casino, to Mon Repos (where Prince Fillip was born), to The Bavarian Empress Sissi Achilleion Palace in Gastouri, the Durrells Estate, the time capsule of Danilia Village, the birds-eye-viewing Kaizer’s Throne, the dramatic Cape Drastis, the Palace St. Michael and St. George, the Canal d’ Amour, the picture-perfect Mouse Island, the Old Fortress, and dozens of stunning locations, there is hardly a spot around the island that doesn’t spell elegance and unique character. 

Whether it’s the symmetrical lines, the pastel hues, the immaculate gardens, the azure waterfronts, or the secret forests and rustic villages, it’s always fantastic to realize how multifaceted and adventure-laden Corfu can be. The real feeling goes beyond words to experiences and unexpected stories that will land any couple saying I do in Corfu with a true heritage-worthy story to tell. 

Need more insights on getting the best out of your Corfu destination wedding? We’re always excited to share the finest points and our expert guidance in a complimentary consultation. 


When it comes to the big L, actions speak louder than words. But when these two are combined, you’ve found our soft spot. Designing a wedding celebration is hardly about simply bringing beauty to the table, both figuratively and literally speaking. 

To Belli Momenti, this has to do more with assisting our clients in curating their memories the most exciting way possible, to bring forth all our know-how and connections, our guidance, care and esteem, as what is theirs, becomes ours for a little while. 

We love it when our clients return as friends to share their experiences. Your sentimental notes mean the world, so allow us to share the Love we’ve received. If you feel like sharing your experience with us head to our Facebook* page to leave your review.